Hi, This is Jz Aamir, I'm a Light Calligraphy Artist based in Dubai, UAE from the past 15 years. Founder & Managing Director of Amron Media LLC.

Calligraphy has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Art was my favorite subject in school. The strokes and curves in Urdu Calligraphy fascinated me the most and were pure art for my eyes. Watching professional calligraphers creating strokes with thick or thin lines was utterly satisfying.

I discovered Light Calligraphy about 9 years ago and never stopped since then, A long exposure technique that allows you to create Calligraphy with light in the air. The final artwork is a result of many many experiments and settings with lights, camera and other equipments. So you see how I combined my passion for Calligraphy with my interest in Photography.

I practice and visit local galleries for inspiration. I took classes to learn Arabic script called Wissam script, from the man himself the famous Iraqi calligrapher Mr. Wissam Shaukat. I am also an avid follower of Mr. Hassan Massoudy’s calligraphy work. It has really helped me create some beautiful light calligraphy art pieces.

Some of my clients includes FacebookAppleSonyHonda, Huawei, Du Telecom & Global Village.

I've also been the "Featured Artist of the year 2018" on Instagram. Many articles of my work are available online for your reference.

The Process

Light Calligraphy is a unique form Photography that's achieved through long exposure process. As for the Camera you've to learn to write in reverse to get the right direction of words. The LED needs to be customized in a shape of different sizes of pen to get the proper thickness just like the way you write on the paper.

Each LED produces different lumen's power. You've make to sure to use the right amount together to get the best results. It took me years to get it right and now it's a piece of cake. Take a look! 

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Jz Aamir developed interest in Photography when he moved to Dubai and saw the amazing architecture of mosques & skyscrapers.

JZ Aamir’s images are being produced straight out of the camera, with no Photoshop editing. During the process, JZ Aamir writes Arabic in reverse to avoid flipping the images in Photoshop.

The illuminating experiences of UAE artists who paint with light.

My Passion For Calligraphy Combined With My Interest In Photography. This Is Light Calligraphy.

Let's get to know each other

Hi this is Jz Aamir, What's your name?

If you're looking for a unique Photobooth experience for your guests that enhances the UAE's cultural values and brings a different perspective that has never been experienced before? 

We at Amron Media provides just that. Your guests will be mesmerized with this art performance or a Photo booth experience and will remember your brands for many days to come. 

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